A Family Dentist Answers Teeth Grinding FAQs

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Our family dentist can provide relief to patients who grind their teeth. Grinding your teeth due to being anxious or nervous is not a big deal, and it is unlikely to cause significant damage. However, involuntary teeth grinding that typically occurs during sleep can wreak havoc on your teeth. Our family dentist can help reduce the effects of teeth grinding by providing you with a custom nightguard to protect your teeth at night.

A family dentist goes over frequently asked questions about teeth grinding

Teeth grinding is often accompanied by symptoms like earaches, headaches, jaw stiffness, and worn-down teeth. Here are answers to questions that patients might have if they notice any symptoms of teeth grinding.

1. How does a night guard help?

A custom mouthguard or splint helps reduce the forces placed on the teeth when the patient is grinding their teeth. These appliances look like the mouthguards worn during contact sports. It provides a rubbery barrier that prevents teeth from meeting each other. It is an effective way to prevent the condition from causing severe damage to the patient’s teeth.

2. What are the causes of teeth grinding?

There is no clear answer to this question. The condition is viewed as a subconscious response to stress or anger. Some people pick it up from taking part in strenuous activities like weightlifting. It starts as a way to concentrate on the task at hand and evolves into involuntary teeth grinding. Some studies also indicate that teeth grinding can be caused by mental health issues like depression and habits like excessive alcohol, tobacco, or caffeine consumption.

3. What are common symptoms of teeth grinding?

People who grind their teeth might find themselves dealing with issues like flattened teeth, stiff temporomandibular joints, neck pain, and sleep disorders. It can also lead to serious damage to teeth structures, like chips, cracks, and fractures. People who fail to get treatment for teeth grinding might end up needing extensive mouth reconstruction to restore the function and appearance of their teeth.

4. How does a dentist stop teeth grinding?

Stopping teeth grinding comes down to identifying the underlying issue causing it and taking proper steps to address it. For example, if a person grinds their teeth due to stress, teaching them more effective ways to relax and decompress can help reduce the behavior. If the patient’s condition is caused by excessive alcohol consumption, making a lifestyle change can help stop it.

5. Is teeth grinding harmful?

Yes, grinding the teeth leads to excessive forces being exerted on them. This leads to teeth structures breaking apart and biting surfaces being flattened. As a result, the patient might have a hard time grinding chewy foods, and their risk of tooth decay increases because the enamel on some of their teeth has been compromised.

A family dentist can treat bruxism

Are you tired of the damage that teeth grinding is causing to your teeth? Call or visit our Evans clinic to explore treatment options with our dentist.

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