All-on-4: Multiple Tooth Replacement on 4 Implants

All-on-4 Dental Implants Evans, GA

All-on-4® is an implant-supported dental bridge that sits on four dental implants. To ensure the maximum stability of the bridge, an oral surgeon will place the dental implants at strategic positions along the jaw. Many dentists use this four-implant option to perform fixed full-arch restoration for patients with few or no teeth in their upper or lower jaw. There are several reasons that All-on-4® continues to soar in popularity among patients and dentists alike. 

The rising popularity of All-on-4® for tooth replacement 

There are two aspects of All-on-4® dental bridges that make them good for a patient’s wellbeing and oral health. The first is the fact that they sit on dental implants. The second is the fact that they are permanent. These qualities have the following upsides:

  • Unlike removable dentures, an All-on-4® dental bridge sits on dental implants that maintain the shape, mass and density of the jawbone
  • By stimulating jaw regeneration, implant-supported bridges maintain the structure of the lower mouth and by extension, the face, which keeps the face from aging prematurely
  • Implant-supported bridges like All-on-4® stay in place as a person speaks or eats or laughs, which is a major upgrade from removable dentures

From the perspective of an oral surgeon, All-on-4® only requires four dental implants, which reduces the complexity of dental implant surgery. It also makes an implant-supported bridge an option for patients who have lost some bone mass in the jaw.

What to expect from multiple tooth replacement with All-on-4®

Like all dental procedures, multiple tooth replacement starts with a consultation, a diagnosis and screening. If the dentist clears their patient for implant-supported tooth replacement, they will proceed to craft and implement a custom treatment plan. The process is split into the following stages.

1. Evaluation

Many patients that end up with All-on-4® in their mouth find themselves at the dentist’s office because of underlying dental problems. The dentist will diagnose the patient and choose the most conservative treatment option that they can. However, some patients need more than that. They either need a tooth extraction or the replacement of missing teeth.

The dentist will then recommend a tooth replacement method that caters to the patient’s needs. They use the following considerations to clear the patient for implant-supported tooth replacement:

  • The health of the patient’s jawbone
  • Whether the patient is healthy enough to go through and recover from oral surgery
  • The patient’s willingness to undergo dental implant surgery

When the dentist clears their patient for All-on-4®, they proceed with planning and installation.

2. Creation of the treatment plan

Dentists take medical scans to clear their patients for dental implant surgery. The same scans provide information that helps oral surgeons identify optimal positions for the placement of dental implants. Next, the oral surgeon uses pictures of a patient’s mouth to design a smile that blends in with the patient’s mouth and facial structure. 

The final design specifies the shape, dimensions, alignment and positions of individual "teeth." This design becomes the blueprint for the fabrication of the All-on-4® dental bridge. It also specifies the positions of the holes that accommodate the screws that attach to the dental implants.

3. Placement of dental implants and All-on-4®  

The installation of dental implants comprises one or more oral surgeries. Some patients need bone graft surgery in preparation for dental implants. They may require two separate surgical procedures.

Once the implants are in place, the oral surgeon will send their patient home with a temporary bridge. The patient receives the final All-on-4® prosthetic once their implants fuse with the jaw.

Missing teeth can become a distant memory, thanks to All-on-4®

That is why you should contact us today to find out more. Make an appointment with our dentist, and learn if and how All-on-4® can restore your smile.

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