How Are Teeth in a Day Attached?

Teeth In A Day Evans, GA

The concept of teeth in a day does away with the assumption that dental implants require months of surgical procedures and recovery. Instead, there is a procedure that fits dental implants and the dental bridge that sits on them in a single dentist’s appointment.

This major selling point of teeth in a day has many people swapping their dentures for something more permanent. Periodontists also recommend teeth in a day for patients who are suitable candidates for the procedure. So, how does this treatment option work?

The placement of dental implants for teeth in a day

Teeth in a day are one way to implement fixed full-arch restoration. Here is what goes into this procedure:

  • The administration of anesthetic, a process that an oral surgeon will adjust to suit the patient’s needs
  • Incisions that open the gums to expose the jawbone
  • The placement of a dental implant at an optimal location along the jaw
  • The attachment of an abutment onto the dental implant
  • Suturing of the gum around the abutment, leaving the top end above the gumline

The oral surgeon usually places one dental implant (and its abutment) at a time. They proceed to repeat the process for each implant. Once all the implants are in place, the oral surgeon loads the full-arch dental bridge.

What a dental bridge looks like

Understanding how a dentist or oral surgeon attaches a dental bridge onto a set of implants requires a short explainer on the dental bridge itself. The artificial teeth that sit atop of dental implants look like dentures. They have three main components:

  • A framework, which provides structural support to the entire bridge, making it tough enough to withstand the stress of grinding and biting
  • A gum-colored base, which anchors the artificial crowns and houses screw holes that connect to the abutments that sit on the implants
  • The artificial crowns, which do the job of biting, shearing and grinding

It is the base of the artificial bridge that connects to the dental implants. Here is how a prosthodontist or oral surgeon loads the implants.

Attaching a dental bridge onto a set of implants

Long before the oral surgeon makes their first incision, they plan and identify the location of each implant on the jaw. They also design a prosthetic with screw holes that match the number, location and angle of each implant. So, when the time comes to load the dental implants, everything lines up.

Jump forward to the actual teeth in a day procedure. With the implants and abutments in place, the dental surgeon first rinses the now sutured surgical sites. They proceed to position the custom bridge so the holes in the bridge line up with the abutments. Note that the abutments are hollow, with screw threads along their inner surfaces.

When the oral surgeon lines up the bridge and the abutments, they put in screws that go into the single hole that now runs from the bridge and deep into the abutment. The result is a permanent bridge with screws that go from the artificial gums down to the implants themselves.

Light up your life with a brand-new smile

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