Pros and Cons of Teeth in a Day

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More people are opting for teeth in a day because it allows them to replace their missing teeth in one day. This saves them multiple trips to the dentist.

In the past, having missing teeth replaced with dental implants used to be a process that took months to complete. The dentist usually has to wait for the jaw bone and gums to heal after the implant has been inserted in the jaw. Now, the wait has been eliminated, making the prospect of having the teeth replaced more appealing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of teeth in a day?

Before we get to the advantages and disadvantages of teeth in a day, it is important to know how the process works.

Teeth in a day requires the use of four dental implants to replace an entire arch of teeth. This provides the patient with a more cost-effective solution than using a separate implant for every tooth that needs to be replaced. During the procedure, the dental implants will be strategically inserted throughout the patient’s jawbone in order to support a set of dentures which gets attached to the implants.

What does the procedure involve?

During the consultation, the dentist will use a detailed 3D imaging technology that provides an accurate road map for the placement of the dental implants.

Diagnostic imaging will be used to plan the teeth in a day procedure by creating a detailed 3D image of the patient’s jaw and the surrounding nerves, muscles and blood vessels. After the imaging is complete, the dentist will plan the precise placement of each dental implant in the jaw. After the exact placement has been planned, the dentists will create a surgical guide that will be used during the procedure. This eliminates the potential for errors during the placement of the dental implants.

The dentist will complete the planning process before the procedure then schedule the teeth in a day appointment. During the surgery, the dentist will insert the dental implants into the patient’s jawbone and provide them with a temporary restoration consisting of a dental crown or bridge. Once the temporary restoration has been attached to the dental implants, the patient will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a fully functional set of teeth.

What are the pros of teeth in a day?

Some of the advantages of teeth in a day include:

  • There likely will not be any bone grafting
  • They save time and money
  • They offer the immediate function of the teeth

What are the cons of teeth in a day?

Some of the disadvantages of teeth in a day include:

  • The procedure is not for everyone
  • The bone in the back of the jaw will eventually shrink because the implants are only in the front part of the jaw
  • There is a small risk of implant failure


Teeth in a day allows you to replace your missing teeth without having to wait months or make multiple trips to the dentist. If you have missing teeth and want to replace them quickly, ask your dentist if you are an ideal candidate for teeth in a day.

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