What Is the Teeth in a Day Procedure Like?

Teeth In A Day Evans, GA

Teeth in a day, also commonly referred to as immediate load dental implants or same day implants, allow your dentist to place a temporary tooth just after inserting the implant. This is usually done during the same appointment. The procedure is a good option if you have adequate natural bone. You should also have an implant that is secure or stable enough to support not only immediate placement but also pressure on the new temporary tooth.

Teeth in a day procedure

The teeth in a day process is usually ideal and recommended for patients who want new teeth in a single day. However, preparation for the procedure often takes a lot of planning and multiple visits. Depending on several factors including the situation of the patient, implants may involve either one or more surgical procedures. Here is what the implant procedure involves.

Dental implant procedure step-by-step

The process usually starts with the dentist sitting down with the patient for a consultation. This is the time when the dentist will evaluate a patient’s dental and medical history, answer questions and explain what will happen. Even though particular medical conditions like leukemia, diabetes and other systemic illnesses can have a negative impact on the healing process, implants can still be a good solution for many people. But how a medical condition may factor into implant treatment must be taken into account.

A patient will have to undergo a complete dental exam. The exam will include molds and X-rays or digital scans of the mouth. A patient’s individual situation will be assessed and the gums, teeth and bone structure will be evaluated before a treatment plan is formulated. Each part of the surgery has to be carefully planned with particular steps and goals in mind.


A patient will first receive anesthesia. The kind that is usually used puts patients to sleep during the procedure although an anesthesiologist may choose local anesthesia. Once a patient is asleep or the area is numbed, the procedure will begin. The surgeon will place the dental implant post into a person’s jawbone. This step often takes a short amount of time. The crown will then be attached soon after the surgery is done.

After surgery

After the anesthesia wears off, someone may experience some pain and discomfort. This is to be expected since the surgical procedure involves the surgeon not only cutting into the gums but also drilling into bone. Fortunately, the dentist will prescribe pain medications and suggest pain-relief solutions such as ice packs and rest. These will help to treat post-surgery discomfort and manage pain.


The teeth in a day procedure involves anesthesia, cleaning the surgical area, inserting the dental implant into the jawbone and then attaching the dental crown right away. After your dental implant treatment is completed, it is vital to maintain great oral hygiene. It is also important to schedule periodic dental visits. Good oral hygiene and regular dental visits will significantly increase the chances of your implants lasting a lifetime. If you have any questions about the teeth in a day procedure, talk to your dentist.

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