What Materials Are Used in a Night Guard?

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A night guard is a device designed for people who grind their teeth while they are sleeping to prevent damage to their teeth. A custom night guard from a dentist is different than the average store-bought mouth guard, as the materials chosen are typically more durable and provide a more comfortable fit. Read on to learn more about what materials night guards are made from.

An overview of dental night guard material options

This review discusses night guard treatment specifically for treating bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding). Continue reading to learn more about what night guards are made from and used for.

What is a night guard?

A dental night guard is a customized dental appliance that the patient wears at night to protect their teeth from grinding against each other. It is used primarily to treat bruxism. This condition involves grinding and clenching teeth together at night, which over time can cause teeth to become worn down. A night guard from a dentist is generally more comfortable for patients, and they may even help prevent bruxism from occurring altogether.

What are the different material options for a night guard?

A custom night guard from a dentist is typically made of a clear acrylic plastic material. The acrylic material lends itself to customization, allowing for an ideal fit. The material is also comfortable for teeth and gums while it is worn and does not cause any health risks or gum or teeth irritation.

Who should consider a dental night guard?

A dental night guard is most commonly recommended for patients who grind their teeth at night. The effects of clenching the jaw and grinding teeth can be incredibly harmful to the biting surface of teeth, leading to the need for more extensive treatments such as dental crowns to repair the damage. An acrylic night guard is a form of preventive dentistry that aims to reduce the risk of trauma caused by bruxism.

How long should my night guard last?

The longevity of a night guard depends on how much pressure is placed upon it and how well the patient cares for the night guard. Acrylic night guards can last for five years or more with a normal level of pressure. However, night guards that receive more pressure or are not properly cleaned and stored can break down in as little as a year.

Patients can take care of their night guard by cleaning and rinsing it regularly and properly storing it. The case should also be properly cleaned regularly, as well. Good oral hygiene can also reduce the risk of the night guard needing early replacement.

Are you considering a night guard to treat bruxism?

Here at our dental practice, we create night guards for our patients that grind their teeth at night. If you believe you may struggle with bruxism, then call our team today to schedule a convenient time to visit our practice and discuss your treatment options.

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