Why a Dentist Would Recommend You Wear a Mouth Guard While Playing Sports

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If you participate in a contact sport, you should see a dentist for a custom-made mouth guard. This article explains how mouth guards prevent dental injuries from sports-related activities.

What is the purpose of a sports mouth guard?

According to the American Dental Association, sports are responsible for approximately a third of all dental emergencies. With fast speeds, flying objects, and passionate players, the teeth and mouths of players are constantly at risk. Whether it be professional or fun games, a sports mouth guard may help protect the teeth from damage.

Mouth guards are required for athletes who participate in contact sports to avoid knocked-out teeth, loose teeth, fractured teeth, and other severe dental injuries. Football, boxing, and hockey are examples of contact sports. Other kinds of athletes, such as those who participate in gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, and basketball, may also find a mouth guard beneficial.

How a mouth guard works

During contact sports, the person will wear an athletic mouth guard over the top teeth. A mouth guard creates a protective barrier between the teeth against impact. If the wearer ever gets tackled on the football field or struck in the boxing ring, there will be less risk of suffering a knocked-out tooth. A mouth guard should be able to sustain focused force while also being tear-resistant. The wearer should also be able to speak and breathe freely while wearing the mouth guard.

Types of mouth guards

Stock, boil-and-bite, and custom mouth guards are the three kinds of mouth guards available. The level of protection for the teeth depends on the type of mouth guard. Below is a brief overview of each type:

  • Stock: Stock or generic mouth guards are affordable since they are offered as a generalized option. Therefore, these mouth guards can be unpleasant and make breathing and talking difficult. Stock mouth guards are not recommended since they do not protect the teeth adequately while participating in contact sports
  • Boil-and-bite: Boil-and-bite mouth guards are fabricated from thermoplastic polymer that softens when exposed to hot water and can then be bitten into. Although the material conforms to the form of the teeth, it is not as durable or comfortable to wear
  • Custom: Custom-made sports mouth guards provide a degree of protection unrivaled by anything available at the local sporting goods shop. The dentist will take dental impressions to ensure a proper fit. Custom mouth guards for sports are made of both sturdy and comfortable materials, allowing the wearer to breathe and speak freely

The bottom line

If you participate in sports, you need to consider talking to a dentist about getting a custom mouth guard. Custom mouth guards tend to cost more, but they provide a degree of protection that cannot be matched by the generic or boil-and-bite mouth guards. Remember that the cost of restoring a tooth or teeth damaged by a sports accident is a lot costlier than a custom-made mouth guard.

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